This course is designed to instruct the student in basic uncomplicated nursing procedures to be performed under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The Certified Nurse Assistant will develop skills, attitudes, and concepts that are essential to developing the Certified Nurse Assistant.

Administrator CEU

This module offers 24 courses that you can take. The courses will give you the training that you need to be a successful administrator at your facility.

Train the Trainer

These 5 courses will give you the certification you need for your facility to be a supervisor, instructor, or examiner.


This program will prepare the experienced CNA to take the final Restorative Examination and achieve certification after which the individual will be able to work as the Restorative Nurse Assistant in long term care facilities.


This course meets MO DHSS regulations for the classroom portion of the L1MA. It will require clinical practice by a qualified instructor in the facility and a final examination and practicum.

Insulin Student

This program meets the MO DHSS requirements for certified L1MA’s and CMT’s to meet the training, testing and certification requirements to administer insulin injections.

Paid Feeding Assistant

This program meets the requirements for non-certified nursing personnel to assist and feed residents. This is an excellent strategy for improving dining services and providing support in high utilization times.

ALF Assessor Certification

ALF Assessor Meets MO regulatory requirements for becoming an approved ALF Assessment Coordinator. Registration is limited to licensed nursing home administrators, nurses, or degrees in social service work.

L1MA Bi-Annual Update

The Missouri required L1MA 2-year update. This course meets the training requirements in the state of Missouri for the required bi-annual update for Level One Medication Aides.

Administrator MO State Study

There are 2 courses in this module that provide NHA and RCAL MO Study. This program is designed to prepare you for the Missouri Nursing Home Administrator Licensure and the study course for the RCAL administrator examination.

Administration National Study

There are 2 courses in this module. Included is the Administrator Licensure Series National Residential Care/Assisted Living Facility Administrator Exam Study Course and the Administrator Licensure Series National Administrator Board Examination Study Course.

Social Service Designee Training

The Social Service Designee Course is an approximately 24-hour course that will prepare an individual to fulfill the role of Social Service Designee in their facility.

Nurses Assistant 16-Hour Requirement

This course meets the federal requirements for the 16-hour pre-touch training and is a pre-requisite to the CNA Course where the student is working in a facility while completing the CNA course.

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