Refund Policy- Staff Development Solutions (SDS) will fully refund the cost of a course in cases in which SDS is at fault. If SDS is not at fault and customer in good faith requests a refund for a legitimate reason and the course has not been opened, SDS will provide a training credit in the amount equal to the amount of the course purchased.

Delivery Policy- Once payment is received, access to the course content will be granted.

Return Policy- Because the course material is not a tangible good, there is nothing to return. Thus returns are not relevant.

Cancellation Policy- For courses purchased on a one-time basis, if the course has been unopened the purchaser can receive a training credit in the amount of the canceled course. If the course has been opened, cancellation will not be allowed. For courses purchased on a subscription basis, those courses may be canceled with a minimum ten (10) day notice prior to the renewal date

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