Certified Nurse Assistant


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    This course is designed to instruct the student in basic uncomplicated nursing procedures to be performed under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The Certified Nurse Assistant will develop skills, attitudes and concepts which are essential to developing the Certified Nurse Assistant. All Staff Development Solutions Courses are developed with person-centered concepts as the foundation of instruction. These skills are taught with a holistic approach to include the impact on physical, psychological, social, ethnic, cultural, and environmental influences on the residents continued overall well-being This course is approximately a 75-hour course designed to meet the course work portion of the certification process. The student will need to work with a registered nurse or clinical supervisor (depending on the state) to complete the clinical portion of the training. Notice: The course cannot be completed prior to at least 75 hours of time invested. Less time will result in lack of ability to print a certificate or obtain a signed AB form. The course has a CAN Manual in the Documents library and a workbook. The student should be logged in and remain logged in for the time to read the lesson plan and complete the workbook assignments to assure that all course work time is captured. This requirement allows the on-line course to be approved for federal and most state “classroom” portions of the training.

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