Social Service Designee Training



    The Social Service Designee Course is an approximately 24-hour course that will prepare an individual to fulfill the role of Social Service Designee in their facility. All of Staff Development Solutions courses are built on a person-centered platform which focuses the instruction on seeing the person being taken care of as an individual. The course examines the philosophy of the role, the incorporation of medically related social services into the role, the role in the survey process, instruction in resident rights, abuse, and neglect, documentation requirements, assessment and care planning, pre-admission and marketing roles, the admission process, care planning, discharge and discharge planning, trauma informed care, resident and family councils, grievances and the role of the grievance officer, Quality Assurance Process Improvement, and Person-Centered Damietta Care. This course meets the requirements for Social Service Designee federally and in most states. There is not a formalized certification process in most states. The course does generate a completion certificate upon successful completion.

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